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Brits: internet more important than food

Families insist on chips on the dinner table rather than, er, chips
Families insist on chips on the dinner table rather than, er, chips

How many gigabytes does it take to fill you up?

A nationwide Digital Families reports published by O2 has found that UK households are coping with the recession by prioritising internet access over food.

When questioned about the items they are reluctant to cut back on during the credit crunch, families chose the internet (67 per cent) over school uniforms (59 per cent), holidays (30 per cent) and the weekly food shop (24 per cent).

The survey found that Brits have gone technology mad, with nearly a half committing over 10 per cent of their household budget to gadgets.

Let them eat chips!

And we're still on the hunt for a cyber-bargain despite the downtown - the report found that 57 per cent of families said they will still look to buy the latest gadgets if they are affordable.

The average house now has 2.4 televisions, 1.6 computers, 2.4 games consoles, 2.2 MP3 players and a surprisingly restrained 3 mobile phones.

The country is becoming increasingly reliant on mobile technology: a third of parents claim access to email and the internet on the move made it easier to balance their work and family responsibilities – with only 6 per cent saying it made it harder.