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Nissan: your mobile could break your car keys

Nissan is one of the biggest car companies in the world

Nissan has warned its North American customers not to put their mobile phones too close to their car keys. Apparently signal pulses from mobile phones can wipe the information from some of Nissan's electronic keys, rendering them useless.

Customers are complaining that they are unable to get into their cars using the keys provided. And Nissan has discovered it's because the keys were put too close to mobile phones.

"We discovered that if the I-Key touches a cellphone, outgoing or incoming calls have the potential to alter the electronic code inside the I-Key.

"The car won't start and the I-Key cannot be reprogrammed," Kyle Bazemore at Nissan said.


So now the Japanese car company is warning owners of its I-keys not to place their car keys within one inch of their mobile phones. Oops!