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Humanoid robot grows a set (of wheels)

Aside from the long-scrapped Aibo, one of the most fun personal robots we've ever spent time with is a little Japanese chap by the name of Gogic Five who has been available there since last year in kit form for just ¥34,650 (£146).

Now, SK Pang's bipedal sensation has added an extra dimension to his CV in the somewhat surprising form of a set of wheels that allow him to transform into a remote-controlled toy car.

Two legs good, four wheels better

For ¥8,400 (£35) on top of the cost of the main robot, Gogic Five owners get the Gogic Racer kit, which involves servo motors and the aforementioned wheels strapped to the metal man's back.

Controlling the contraption is a simple matter of filling an SD card with instructions conveyed from the included programming application (Windows or Mac) or - if you prefer - pointing a standard TV remote controller at him. Be sure to check out the videos on the Gogic website for fun aplenty.