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E-paper fashion watch from Seiko Japan

The latest Japanese application for electronic paper looks nothing like as futuristic as some of the others we've seen , but it certainly has a price-tag that reflects the technology it uses.

The ¥500,000 (£2,100) newcomer from Seiko Japan is a bracelet-cum-watch [Registration required; alternative link ] that combines titanium with e-paper, that most cutting-edge of flexible electronic displays. The unnamed watch will begin a limited production run of just 1,000 in August this year, weighs just 80g and is capable of showing four colours.

Seiko's new watch isn't the first Jetsons-style timepiece from the Tokyo-based firm - in 2005 it released the Seiko Spectrum , using the same e-paper Electrophoretic Display (EPD). The popularity of that men's watch was the driving factor behind the latest, more-expensive one for the nerdy 'ladies' in our lives.