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Devolo brings HomePlug and WLAN together

devolo's new dLAN Wireless Extender gives you flexible home networking

PC, laptop and Mac users will be able to hook up to their home network anywhere in the house via WLAN or Ethernet connection with Devolo's new dLAN Wireless Extender.

The Devolo dLAN Wireless Extender utilises both HomePlug and WLAN technology. By plugging the dLAN Wireless Extender into a regular home power socket, it immediately works just like a physical network cable. You get high-speed networking using existing home electrical wiring. The device's WLAN connectivity also delivers a wireless access option for Wi-Fi enabled devices.

The dLAN Wireless Extender offers data transfer rates of up to 85Mbps via dLAN and 54Mbps via WLAN.

The dLAN Wireless Extender works with most Wi-Fi enabled devices, including PCs, laptops, Macs, games consoles and other mobile devices. It comes in a Starter Kit which includes a dLAN Highspeed adapter (for initially connecting your existing internet connection to your home's electrical wiring system) for £139.99. On its own, the dLAN Wireless Extender costs £99.99.