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New Year's Resolutions for Apple, Microsoft, Blizzard and others

In the spirit of constructive critique as we begin the last year of the first decade of the third millennium, here are my suggestions for how some of the household names could improve.


  1. Nerf Death Knights.
  2. New druid form: badger.
  3. Invest 10% of your annual renenue to cure world poverty.


  1. Link Google Earth with Google Book Search so I can look over the shoulder of anyone on the planet and read their newspaper.
  2. Remove the commenting feature from YouTube.
  3. Continue not being Evil.


  1. Actually implement WinFS. For reals.
  2. Remove 100 stupid features from every product in your catalogue.
  3. Start being less Evil.


  1. Make a mouse that has actual buttons.
  2. Make iChat support MSN with video chat natively.
  3. Make a Mac Mini that can play World of Warcraft.


  1. Stop using random local placenames as product code names.
  2. Integrate all the motherboard chips on the CPU die and use a standard, modular socket from now, so increasing CPU power is just a matter of plugging in another chip.
  3. Make a CPU with integrated warming plate for your coffee cup.


  1. Stop filing frivolous patent applications
  2. Actually make a ground-breaking computer
  3. You know, like the good old days?


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