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Tough PC maker plays doctors and nurses

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Panasonic's new tablet PC machine is ideal for the modern hospital

If you've ever needed a computer immune to being splashed with blood, guts and all manner of noxious chemicals, then Panasonic has just the Toughbook for you.

From next March, the Toughbook CF-H1 will be available to Japanese hospitals eager to get a little more IT on the ward. Its selling point will be the usual Panny ruggedness, together with resistance to various harmful outside factors.

Nothing getting in

The ¥260,000 (£1,693) tablet PC is covered in a new coating that is impervious to corrosive liquids found in hospitals, including hypochlorite and sterilising alcohol.

It's also waterproof, thanks to a rubberised keyboard and a fanless design that needs no air vents.

Naturally, the usual Toughbook impact resistance and long battery life (eight hours) are the other selling points. A 10.4-inch touchscreen and the usual netbook-type Atom processor round out a pretty comprehensive package.