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Tweet marks successful white space trial

Between the TV signal
Between the TV signal

Trials to use the "white space" frequencies to carry data have been successful in the UK, with Cambridge Consultants confirming that it has sent a tweet in the unused spectrum between TV channels.

The White Space frequency is seen as an area of the spectrum that can be tapped into to help in the struggle to provide rural areas with broadband coverage.

The trial was carried out in Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, and as well as showing that social media tools could run, also underlined that this kind of technology can be used without causing interference on television channels.


Richard Traherne, head of wireless at Cambridge Consultants, commented: "We believe that White Space, as a pioneering cognitive radio wireless technology, has the potential to change the way that people communicate, especially in rural areas.

"It has a wide range of applications, from healthcare to home working, and we expect to see these and other exciting applications emerge in the near future."

Apparently the village of Cottenham was picked because of a 'lack of wireless provision and availability of spectrum'.

"The network was tested using a range of social media tools, marking the first time White Space spectrum has been used in this way," added Cambridge Consultants' release.