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TorrentFreak: file-sharers should give to charity

Steal from the rich, give to the poor
Steal from the rich, give to the poor

Thousands of blogs are taking part in Blog Action Day 2008 this week; a campaign to raise awareness on the poverty situation around the world.

There are a number of initiatives being discussed, but TorrentFreak have come up with one of the more outlandish plans – to get illegal filesharers around the world to cough up cash for the music and films they haven't paid for. But instead of giving this money to the people that make the stuff, give it to charity instead.

The details of this 'modest proposal' are shown on TorrentFreak's website:

The idea is to calculate how much you have 'saved' in the past week by downloading copyrighted content. If you haven't downloaded anything, just pretend you have, we're trying to raise money here.

1 music track = $1

1 music album = $10

1 movie = $10

1 TV show = $5

Now, calculate your savings based on the example above (you are allowed to show off in the comments) and donate this amount to a project that aims to reduce poverty.

While it's great that the site is looking into reducing poverty, asking folks who refuse to pay for CDs of movies for a bit of cash is probably not the best way to go about doing it.