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Swedish politicians vote in favour of legal piracy

Left Party
Left Party

Ever the home of progressive thinkers, Sweden now has a political party that is officially in favour of what many would call internet piracy.

Vänsterpartiet, or the Left Party of Sweden, had its annual congress last weekend, at which one of the motions up for debate was whether or not online sharing of copyright material should be legalised. The motion passed.

Pirate Bay cited

The details of the debate included the following statement underlining why current copyright legislation is outdated:

“The farce that is the ongoing legal procedures against The Pirate Bay also shows how legal security is in risk of being compromised by those trying to enforce the current ban on file sharing.”

Parties in power

Going on to provide an example of the law looking an ass, it stated, “To many of us in the Left Party, file sharing is something positive in the same obvious way that public libraries are.”

Although the Left Party is not in power, the Center Party is and it too is looking at the whole issue of copyright legislation. If commonsense can prevail in Sweden, who knows what’s possible elsewhere?