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Simon Fuller creates new online talent show

Fancy your chances as a new pop megastar?
Fancy your chances as a new pop megastar?

Simon Fuller, entertainment mogul, pop Svengali and the man responsible for the Spice Girls and "American Idol", is launching a new online multimedia reality show targeting social networking sites.

"If I Can Dream" is the name of Fuller's latest venture which he describes as "a new generation of post-reality entertainment."

It is set to launch early 2010, documenting the stories of five young people who dream of success in Hollywood. Each contestants fans will be able to interact with them online in real time.

Heavyweight partners

Fuller's 19 Entertainment has some heavyweight partners on the project, including, Clear Channel Radio, Newscorp's MySpace, Pepsi and the Ford Motor Co. will exclusively broadcast episodes of the show while Clear Channel Radio will promote the show on its radio stations and via online and mobile devices.

"'If I Can Dream' experiments with technology to provide for the first time a complete open door opportunity that allows the viewer to experience reality in a way never before attempted," Fuller said in a statement.