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HSBC admits online banking failure

HSBC admits massive online banking failure
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HSBC has confirmed that it has suffered a failure of its banking network, which has caused its online systems to crash, cash machines to stop working and cards being rejected.

Although unsure quite what the problem is or how widespread, HSBC used Twitter to admit the fault, explaining: "We are experiencing some problems – sorry for the inconvenience. Please follow for updates."

Internet banking problems

"Some problems" doesn't seem to quite grasp what has happened, with Sky News reporting that the computing failure is causing major problems up and down the country and the Daily Mail believing that the problems could well be worldwide.

The problem seems to have happened at 14:45 and numerous people are using the wonderful echo chamber of Twitter to shout about how embarrassing it is that their cards don't work in the supermarket.

Banking and computer problems seems to have gone hand in hand of late. Lloyds TSB suffered internet banking problems in May and Tesco bank accounts crashed back in June .