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Brazil tops China as World's spam centre

You got SPAM!
You got SPAM!

Brazil has topped China as the biggest source of the world's spam and junk mail, according to latest reports.

Cisco's latest report claims that Brazil was responsible for 7.7 trillion spam e-mail messages in the last year through to November 2009.


This was three times the spam output from Brazil in the previous year, putting it ahead of the US, which sent 6.6 trillion spam messages this year, which was actually down from 8.3 trillion in 2008.

No user education

Cisco security researcher Patrick Peterson noted that, "Brazil has had very fast broadband rollout, but without the user education, antivirus, firewalls and Internet service provider programs that are cutting off spam in the U.S."

China's output of spam e-mail messages in 2009 is actually down 25 per cent less than last year. "Because of China's form of government, they can effectively say to ISPs, 'Don't let this happen, or else,'" says Peterson.

India was responsible for 3.6 trillion messages this year according to Cisco's latest report, which is over double its output in 2008.

The Shadowserver Foundation, a group that tracks hijacked computers (botnets), told Forbes in July that Brazil, Russia, India, China and Vietnam were the five countries with the highest rate of infections of the Conficker worm.