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Gmail’s mobile apps will soon let you switch off Conversation view

When Gmail first launched, the default arrangement for emails was having all replies to an email bunched together with that original, making what's known as a 'threaded' group or 'conversation' – an arrangement many people weren't (and still aren't) too happy about. Although Google allowed Gmail users to disable this Conversation view on the desktop a while ago, it hasn’t been possible to do so on mobile.

Until today.

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The ability to disable Conversation view on the Gmail app is now coming to iOS and Android handsets, allowing users to have their emails listed individually, without grouping them into threads.

If Gmail is your preferred mobile email client and you’re not a fan of threading, making the switch is relatively easy: just head to the Settings menu in the app, select your Gmail account address and toggle the ‘Conversation view’ checkbox.

If you can't see the option yet, hold tight – Google is rolling out the feature over the next two weeks, so you should hopefully see it soon.