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RFID chair follows you around

If chairs scare you, this probably isn't for you
If chairs scare you, this probably isn't for you

They say necessity is the mother of all invention. Well, sometimes the ‘completely unnecessary but very cool’ category lends a helping hand too.

Which is probably how the ‘Take A Seat’ design came into being. A chair, which has a motor and wheels as well as some robotics inside, can be activated by your RFID-enabled library card.

The chair then follows you around the library, allowing you to take a seat whenever the latest JK Rowling novel falls into your arms.

Dutch delight

Conceived by Dutch designer Jelte van Geest, the RFID-enabled robotic chair is designed for the Openbare Bibliotheek in Eindhoven, Holland.

The chair will be your little sitting buddy for the duration of your visit, then will return to its docking station to recharge once you cross the red line to exit the building.

The chairs will also arrange themselves in an auditorium formation should they all be activated at once by a manager, and will form a lovely little procession whilst doing so.

Click here for a video of the magic in action.