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New version of Mac OS X will be faster for SSDs

Solid-sate disks may save the world after all

After the recent controversy over claims that solid-state drives might not be as beneficial to computer systems as was first thought, it makes a welcome change to report that the next version of the Mac OS X operating system could be optimised for SSDs.

According to, OS X 10.6, or Snow Leopard to its friends, will use the ZFS file system in at least the server edition. The consumer version is likely to follow suit, but why should this affect SSDs?

Windows in on act too

Apparently, recent news that Samsung and Sun Microsystems are working to boost SSD performance in Windows also includes the hint that ZFS will get an SSD tweak too.

In other words, when the new file system eventually filters down to the version of OS X on home-use Macs, they'll be sitting pretty and ready to make best use of the bigger and cheaper solid-state disks that will inevitably be available by then.