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Chinese men jailed over iPad 2 leaks

iPad 2
Spot-on case designs raised suspicion at Foxconn

Three men have been jailed in China after being convicted of stealing unreleased information about Apple's iPad 2.

The conspiracy involved the sale of images of the iPad 2's back cover from Apple's Foxconn supplier to enable a manufacturer to produce protective cases for the device.

The Chinese court said ruled that Xiao Chengsong, general manager of MacTop Electronics had paid $3,000 to former Foxconn employee Hou Pengna, in exchange for the top-secret images.

Pengna then enlisted the help of Foxconn R&D worker Lin Kecheng, who assisted in obtaining the images in September of 2010.

Accurate design

The images allowed Chengsong to begin selling cases in December 2010, which accurately predicted the position of speaker grill and camera on the device, which was not officially unveiled until March 2nd.

The cases saw Foxconn officials become suspicious and a police investigation was launched.

Changsong has been sentenced to 18 months in prison while Kecheng received a 14-month term and Pengna was given a year behind bars.Each of the guilty party was handed a sizable fine for their troubles also.

Perhaps iPad 3 and iPhone 5 leaks might be a little harder to come by from now on...