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Steganos Security Suite 2006 review

Protect your privacy as well as your PC

Security Suite also takes care of encryption

Our Verdict

A powerful program for the paranoid web surfer.


  • Wipe traces of your internet activity

    Regularly pings Steganos' servers


  • You probably won't be able to trace online attackers

This security package is designed to protect your privacy, not your PC. You don't get a firewall or anti-virus protection, but you do get anti-spyware and a range of security programs designed to cover your tracks and protect your personal data from prying eyes.

Security Suite also takes care of encryption. It uses the ultrasecure 256-bit AES encryption standard, and you can encrypt an unlimited amount of data using the Safe Drive software.

This can be password protected or, if you want even more security, you can use removable media such as a USB pen drive as the "key" to unlock your data.

There's also a Portable Safe feature that uses the same encryption, but this time encrypts data on CD, DVD or USB memory sticks, and you can also send encrypted emails that the recipient can decrypt without installing any extra software.

In addition to data encryption, Security Suite can wipe any traces of your internet activity, encrypt your passwords and fill in forms automatically, and it can also store any sensitive favourites in a password-protected area to stop people knowing what kind of sites you like to visit - handy not just for dodgy stuff, but for sensitive subjects such as debt advice, health information and so on.

You also get a nifty Stenography feature, which you can use to hide sensitive information in BMP, WAV or JPEG files, and a program to hide your IP address from the websites you visit.

The final piece of the jigsaw is a neat little application called AntiTheft. This sends regular pings to Steganos' servers, and it generates a unique ID for your PC. If your PC is then pilfered, you can log in to the Steganos AntiTheft website, enter your unique ID, and see any IP addresses that have recently been used by your missing machine.

Steganos doesn't guarantee that you'll be able to trace the culprit, but it assures us that Security Suite's IP spoofing won't affect the AntiTheft data. If the authorities are tech-savvy it could make recovering your PC much easier. Gary Marshall