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Spire HandyBook 2.5" review

Spire's HandyBook is an easy to use external hard drive caddy

Spire HandyBook 2.5
Spire's HandyBook caddy has a simple plastic shell

Our Verdict

Excellent for convenience, less so for robustness


  • No screws needed
  • eSATA and powered USB


  • Flimsy

Designed for a 2.5-inch SATA drive the HandyBook hard drive enclosure opens like a book at the push of a button.

And if you're likely to do a lot of drive swapping, you can fit your bare drive without screws or fix it into place with the supplied screws and screwdriver.

You also get a stand, USB and eSATA cables, and a USB-to-5V lead in case your USB port isn't enough.

However, its plastic construction probably couldn't take many knocks, so it's probably better off staying on your desk.

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