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IcyDock MB982SPR-2S review

Can this 2.5" drive caddy offer a simple and painless way of converting a drive?

IcyDock MB982SPR-2S
For the money, this should be a simple process of plug and play. It's not...


  • Good design
  • RAID capabilities


  • However RAID didn't work for us
  • Costly for what it is

Linguist and psychologist Noam Chomsky refers to the phrase 'cellar door' as the most linguistically pleasing in the whole English language. We do wonder if he's heard the phrase 'icy dock'…

We digress. Icy Dock's MB982SPR-2S allows up to two 2.5-inch hard storage drives to be converted to 3.5-inch form factor. Handy for saving space inside smaller cases, keeping your storage bays nice and neat, and especially useful if you want to use two SSDs in a RAID setup.

Inside the MB982SPR-2S, two 2.5-inch drives can be connected simultaneously, the Icy Box itself connecting to the SATA and power connectors.

Using a dial on the back, you can choose from RAID0, RAID1, BIG and Port Multiplier modes in hardware and software modes. And here's where the problems start.

We found setting up any RAID array in hardware mode impossible, as the Icy Dock won't reset properly even with updated firmware. With the third party software that we had to track down ourselves, the process is still riddled with crashes and disappearing drives.

For £56 this should be much easier. Avoid.

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