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Philips 258B6QJEB review

A premium 25-inch monitor that looks the part

Philips 258B6QJEB
Philips 258B6QJEB

Our Verdict

This Philips monitor boasts an excellent quality IPS panel, and looks slick with its thin bezels, though it isn't cheap compared to rivals.


  • Excellent image quality and adjustability
  • High-resolution IPS panel
  • Smaller footprint than many rivals
  • Plenty of connectivity options


  • Lower response time than some monitors
  • Built-in stereo speakers are very tinny
  • Larger monitors can be had for the same price

While it may not quite reach the heady heights of the latest 4K displays in terms of pixel count, the Philips 258B6QJEB is an interesting option if you're seeking a QHD monitor. At 25 inches, it's a compact piece of kit compared to the many 27-inch (and larger) monitors out there.

There aren't many alternatives at that size, with Dell's UltraSharp 25 and the HP Z25n proving two more expensive alternatives. Arguably, neither look as good as Philips' sleek new entry. The appeal of having a smaller monitor on your desk is twofold - there is more space around it for other things, and it can also help with uncomfortable eyestrain that may occur if you are sat too close to a large display.

This is a stylish looking monitor

This is a stylish looking monitor

Priced at around £260 (about $400, or AU$550), the 258B6QJEB packs a 2,560 x 1,440 resolution IPS LCD panel that offers excellent viewing angles and image quality, along with an abundance of connections, speakers and a USB hub that makes this particular display a versatile choice.

It may be more expensive than a lot of monitors of similar sizes, but – on first impressions at least – it has everything needed to justify the price tag.

On the bottom edge there's a brushed metal-effect strip

On the bottom edge there's a brushed metal-effect strip


With incredibly thin bezels and a simple yet elegant stand, the Philips 258B6QJEB certainly isn't the most boring monitor around when compared to other underwhelming black monitors you could choose. If you're after something a little more stylish, then the larger Acer S277hk should definitely be considered.

At only 8.5mm the bezels on three of the four sides are much smaller than many other monitors, and with the front panel stretching to within 3mm of the very edge, it gives the appearance of an almost edgeless display.

On the bottom edge, a brushed metal-effect strip runs all the way along and boasts the Philips branding. Below this you'll find capacitive buttons for powering on the display, navigating the menu or turning the volume of the inbuilt speakers up or down with just a light touch of the finger.

As with most other monitors there's very little to report on the rear, and the 258B6QJEB doesn't break this utilitarian tradition. A protruding rectangle houses all the connectivity; on the right you'll find four USB ports – two USB 2.0 and a pair of USB 3.0 (one of which has a high-current output for charging your devices).

Connectivity is a definite strong point

Connectivity is a definite strong point

Along the bottom edge of the raised rear section you'll find all manner of video connectivity options, including VGA, DVI-D, DisplayPort and HDMI – no matter what outputs your PC has, you are catered for here. There's also 3.5mm PC audio-in and headphone output sockets, allowing you to easily divert your PC's audio through the monitor, too.