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40 years on, NASA to stream Apollo 11 audio

Hear the original Apollo 11 space tapes 'live' this week
Hear the original Apollo 11 space tapes 'live' this week

NASA plans to open an 'audio time capsule' to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its manned lunar landing.

Starting at 12.32 BST this Thursday, the US space agency will replay 'live' audio from the Apollo 11 moon shot.

That corresponds to two hours before the Saturn V rocket lifted off, forty years ago.

Streams from space

The audio stream, which can be found at, will continue through the launch, flight, lunar landing, return trip, reentry and finally splashdown of the mission, at 17:51 the following Friday, including recovery of the crew shortly afterward.

The stream will feature the communications between the astronauts and ground teams, and commentary from Mission Control at NASA's Johnson Space Centre in Houston.

Conspiracy theorists will be listening carefully to the transcripts of Neil Armstrong on the Moon, where some believe he reported seeing UFOs during the mission.

If you can't wait until Thursday, or want to read along with the stream, you can download the official audio transcripts now from