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This chip claims it'll double your wearable's battery life

This chip claims it'll double your wearable's battery life

Good news wearable fans, a new low power Bluetooth chip claims it can deliver up to two times longer battery life for your smartwatches and fitness trackers.

Created by NXP, the QN 9080 Bluetooth Low Energy system-on-a-chip solution (what a mouthful) is the firm's most power efficient offering to date.

Many smartwatches currently struggle to see out two full days on a single charge, while fitness trackers generally last around a week. NXP claims that in some cases its new chip will allow devices to last for up to a month on a single charge. We really hope it rings true when devices hit the market.

Longer life and more power

There's also an increase in performance too, which makes the chip even more enticing, with NXP senior vice president Asit Goel saying "this is the dawn of new, super energy efficient, smart wearables."

The chip is now available to manufacturers, but it's not clear when the first wearables sporting it will hit the market. Fingers crossed it's soon!