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Pinnacle launches TV-sharing teleScope

Beam TV round the house using wi-fi, with Pinnacle's teleScope
Beam TV round the house using wi-fi, with Pinnacle's teleScope

Before you splash out on a fancy standalone PVR, take a peer through Pinnacle's new teleScope digital TV hub, time-shift recorder and streaming station.

This 70 Euro (£60) USB gadget combines a pivoting, detachable antenna and high sensitivity digital TV tuner with an impressive suite of applications to let you watch, pause, rewind, record and even distribute your favourite shows throughout your home.

Like other tuners, the teleScope can pick terrestrial TV broadcasts (it's HD Ready, too), using your PC as an EPG to time-shift and tape programmes to its hard drive. However, it can also burn shows straight to DVD, with VideoSpin software to let you edit your recordings.

Broadcast news

The teleScope's most interesting feature, though, is its ability to distribute incoming TV shows easily over a home wi-fi network.

Pinnacle's DistanTV software streams live TV to as many as three other computers using your existing wi-fi set-up, supposedly with 'just a few clicks'.

Given the hassle of previous wireless TV systems (I still shudder when I hear the word 'Slingbox'), we're a little skeptical, but we'll have a full review of the teleScope as soon as possible. It's due to hit the retail channel in mid-September.