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New Micron SSDs looking impressive

Micron - solid state drives
Micron - solid state drives

Solid state drives specialist Micron has announced an update to its RealSSD range.

Micron – who makes the drives for other brands - have managed to squeeze a hugely impressive 250MBps/100MBps read/write speed out of the normally inferior but cheaper MLC NAND technology.

"We are seeing SSD interest in a variety of applications where historically hard disk drives have reigned,"" said Micron's Dean Klein.

Fall out?

"For many, the most logical place is in notebook computers, but there is incredible value for SSDs in enterprise server systems."

The 2.5 inch drives will be available in sizes up to 256GB and a 1.8 inch version (32GB up to 128GB)

Early suggestion point at an autumn release in the United States, with no word on UK dates and the only hint on cost being that it will be "balanced price to performance."