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Firmware upgrade gives Surface Pro 2 new lease of battery life

Microsoft Surface Pro 2
It's now a long distance sprinter

Microsoft has given the Surface Pro 2 a firmware upgrade that reportedly boosts the device's battery life by nearly 25%.

According to tech website Anandtech, the update allows the device's Marvell Wi-Fi chip to consume less power, allowing it to perform considerably better under certain tests.

It ran multiple tests with the Surface Pro 2's screen calibrated at 200 nits brightness. In a general battery test, it managed to last 8.3 hours before giving up the ghost, compared with the six and a half hours it achieved pre-update. The Verge also saw a 20% improvement in battery life.

Longer legs

Anantech's video test found a 16% improvement after the update was applied, with the machine going for 7.73 hours versus 6.65 hours running the old firmware.

Microsoft launched the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 on October 22. It's worth noting that the ARM-based Surface 2, which runs Windows RT, has not been so fortunate as to also receive a firmware update.

As such, Anandtech found that the Surface Pro 2 has leapfrogged the Surface 2 in terms of battery life after the update, giving you one less reason to plump for Microsoft's struggling Windows RT slates.