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System builders taking orders for Vista PCs

System builders are now offering Windows Vista as a default option on many systems

System builders have started taking orders for PCs running Windows Vista . Rock was the first to let us know it was intending to take orders from today. The websites of other popular UK vendors Evesham and Mesh are also taking orders - even though the Mesh website unfortunately still says 'Mesh recommends Windows XP Professional.'

Mesh's cheapest system featuring Home Premium is £399. As we've said before, we don't recommend going for Home Basic, since it's limited in function - there's no Media Center, while the interface isn't so snazzy. Evesham's Home Premium desktops start at £539.

Dell is also offering Windows Vista on selected machines - though Windows XP machines are still prominently displayed in all areas of its site. For home PCs, Dell seems to be offering Home Basic unless you buy a performance system where Home Premium is offered. However, the build-to-order upgrade to Home Premium is only £17.63 - pretty cheap in our book.

And the good news? It doesn't seem buying a PC today with Windows Vista is any more expensive than buying one yesterday with Windows XP. Mind you, when was the last time you saw that a PC had got more expensive?