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Cash from mobile adult content set to triple

Friends sharing content in pubs is likely to account for much of the increase

The revenue from adult-orientated services is set to explode over the next five years.

Juniper Research forecasts the market will grow from its 2006 level of of $1.4bn to over $3.3bn in 2011.

The increase is largely expected to be fuelled by a greater number of adult services, as well as wider availability of video-capable mobile devices.

Indeed, Juniper thinks 70 per cent of mobile adult revenues will come from video services, especially from the casual market.

Casual use

"I think the biggest opportunity is at the casual and 'softer' end of the adult market," surmises Juniper's research director, Bruce Gibson.

"It will be lads in pubs sharing a video clip after a few pints and people looking for a bit of fun when they have spare time to kill - not the hardcore stuff."

It'll come as no surprise that the most lucrative regional market for these 'lads' will be the highly priced European market, with Asia Pacific following behind. Juniper reckons mobile adult entertainment will generate total revenues of $14.5bn between now and 2011.


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