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Super-fast Bluetooth 3.0 coming soon

Bluetooth 3.0 promises not to be a stick-in-the-mud

If you've ever tried to use Bluetooth to transfer a sizeable file from, say, your laptop to your desktop, you'll be glad to hear that the wireless technology is set to put its slowcoach past behind it when it upgrades to version 3.0 later this month.

The specification for Bluetooth 3.0 will be made public by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) on 21 April, effectively enabling all manner of devices for direct transfer of video and media collections without the need to go online.

Hundreds of Mbps

Although speeds haven't been revealed, we do know that Bluetooth 3.0 will use IEEE802.11 standards, so we can expect something in the hundreds of Mbps.

Current devices that use Bluetooth 2.0 top out at around 3Mbps, meaning a single video file can take anything up to an hour to transfer. With ever-increasing bandwidth expectations for links between mobile devices, that clearly had to change.

Dual modes

On the downside, the new standard will require more power, which is why it's likely to be able to switch back to 2.0 for small transfers and wheel out the battery-hungry big guns only when really needed.