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O2 beefs up WiFi network

WiFi abstract
It's getting stronger

O2 has signed a three-year deal with data communications provider Fluidata to strengthen its WiFi network.

It says the agreement covers two major projects. One involves Fluidata providing space in its Manchester data centre, which will double data centre capacity for O2 WiFi and should make it more resilient.

O2 will also be able to use Fluidata's Service Exchange Platform to provide last mile connectivity on its WiFi hotspots.

The platform brings together connections across 16 of the major carriers and more than 50 internet service providers. It interconnects through 10 data centres and saves the ISPs from building into new areas as they can use the combined networks of other providers on the platform.


An O2 representative told TRPro that this helps it to build on its existing infrastructure to improve the service for businesses and consumers using its WiFi.

The company now has more than 8,000 free WiFi spots across the country. Earlier this month the company received a pat on the back from communications regulator Ofcom for its agreement to share 4G infrastructure with Vodafone.