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Tablet or table: possibly one of the hardest quizzes ever

Table or Tablet

Tablets are getting even bigger. This year we've seen both the iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch screen and the Samsung Galaxy View with a 18.4-inch display.

Last year, Ideum started selling a coffee table with a 46-inch touchscreen on the top blurring the lines between apps and a place to eat your dinner, ensuring both thrills and spills.

Now we're in a world that none of us can understand, a place where you're unsure of whether what you're seeing is a dream or reality. Who among us hasn't picked up an iPad and shouted 'IS THIS A TABLET OR A TABLE?

There's more to it than an extra T on the end. You need some keen detective skills, the ability to tell the difference between speaker grills, a headphone jack plus large touchscreen and a largely wooden structure with four legs.

We know you're already a cut above other readers, but we want to really test your mettle. So we've created this little quiz below.

So, is it a Table or Tablet?