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Freescale-powered £125 tablet 'by summer'

Android - could be powering sub $200 device
Android - could be powering sub $200 device

Freescale has insisted that its chips will be powering a sub $200 (c£125) tablet computer in the market by summer, with the US company insisting that it could prove to be the missing link between smartphones and netbooks.

Formerly a part of Motorola, Freescale makes the chips that manufacturers use to produce devices, and their ARM-designed processor is part of a reference design released for a next-generation tablet.

The company claims that the device could run Android or Linux, and will be Wi-Fi and 3G capable.


The potential vendors of the device have yet to be announced, although there was confidence that a device would be ready by the summer.

"The PC has been stale in terms of its ability to innovate. Smartphones have been making progress ... but they have limitations," said Freescale's senior VP Henri Richard, labelling the tablet the 'missing link'.

Of course, the announcement is timed to come ahead of both CES 2010 – where tablet announcements are likely – and any announcement from Apple on its widely mooted 'iSlate' tablet.

The iSlate is expected to be announced at the end of January by Steve Jobs, although the company, as you may expect, have not yet made any formal confirmation of the device.

Via Reuters