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'Twittr' LOLcats language option invites us to 'View Conversashun'

'Twittr' invites us to 'View Conversashun' with LOLcats language option
I can haz new tweets?

There are times when using perfect English when composing tweets just isn't practical. The 140 character limit means the odd abbreviation and use of text-speak is sometimes a necessary evil to fit everything in.

However, that's nothing compared to the new LOLcats language mode Twitter unleashed through a little Easter Egg that became available to users on Friday.

Taking a trip to transforms your timeline into a tribute, of sorts, to one of the internet's most ensuring memes.

Twitter is replaced by TWITTR, while Home becomes HUM. COMPOZE NEW TWEET, VUW PHOTO and EXPAN.KTHX have also replaced the conventional commands on the site.

Our favourite has to be VIEW MAH PROILE PUJ which, obviously, takes users to their profile page. Naturally, there's not a lower case letter in sight.

The new language setting can be accessed by hitting the URL above, or it can be done manually from the Twitter settings.

Of course, this is hardly headline news, but considering Twitter has been fostering a Mr Tough Guy reputation in the last couple of years, it's good to see the company still has a sense of humour.