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Two months' sentence for Guns'n'Roses leaker

Two months at home for Chinese Democracy leak
Two months at home for Chinese Democracy leak

A blogger who illegally uploaded Guns'n'Roses latest and much-delayed album has been sentenced in LA to two months' home confinement.

Somewhat embarrassingly Kevin Cogill, the charged blogger, will also have to be on probation for a year and take part in an anti-piracy commercial.

Cogill pleaded guilty back in December to uploading nine tracks of Chinese Democracy on to the web, some five months before the album was officially released. He was obviously fed up of waiting 17 years for the album to finally appear.

RIAA commercial

The advert he is to star in will be created by the Recording Industry Association of America and is said to air during the Grammy Awards next January.

Considering Cogill was facing a $100,000 fine and five years' probation, sitting at home for two months doesn't sound like a bad punishment – unless he gets bored and starts downloading music from BitTorrent sites because he can't get to the shops or go out to work to pay for music as he is house-bound.

Via Reuters (thanks to MusicTank)