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Opera 11.10 beta to be unveiled at SXSW

Opera - showing some teeth with new beta
Opera - showing some teeth with new beta

Opera has revealed that it is to officially unveil Opera 11.10 at this year's SXSW.

Originally announced back in February, Opera 11.10 goes by the codename of Barracuda and looks set to be a browser with a bit of bite.

This is all because of the improvements it offers which, according to Opera, include: "CSS3 support by adding multi-column layout and gradients, support for WebP, Google's new image protocol, and the Web Open Font Format (WOFF)."

More refinements

And if that wasn't enough for the operatic lover, another Opera beta is being launched at the show. This one has the friendlier codename of Dragonfly.

Opera Dragonfly is the title for the company's latest set of web authoring and debugging tools.

"The Opera Dragonfly beta adds a number of refinements to make your life in front of the screen just a little easier," explained Opera.

"A new breakpoints panel lets you slice and dice your JavaScript to find any problems.

"New ways to inspect network loads, resource handling and cookies give you greater insight into how your site loads and performs.

"Opera Dragonfly beta flaps its wings for the first time on 14 March."