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HIS HD 6990 graphics card arrives

HIS HD 6990
HIS HD 6990

With the arrival of the latest AMD graphics chip, HIS had unveiled its HD 6990 4GB GDDR5 card.

AMD's Radeon HD 6990 is, for a while at least, the fastest graphics processor in the world, and HIS is proudly showing off its version of the card.

"Loaded with a stunning array of advanced technologies, such as AMD Eyefinity technology, HD3D technology and full DirectX11, the HIS 6990 4GB graphics card delivers power gamers with unrivalled gaming performance and flawless image quality," says HIS' release.

Geared for gamers

The card is 3D ready and supports HD3D Stereoscopic technology at a resolution 'beyond 1080p', and also AMD's popular multi-monitor Eyefinity technology.

"Bundled with a Mini Display Port to Single Link DVI (Active) dongle and an HIS exclusive Mini Display Port to Display Port dongle, the HIS 6990 is geared for gamers to enjoy the incredible Eyefinity technology," adds HIS.

The HIS HD 6990 is billed by the company as "an ultimate choice for uncompromising gamers to enjoy the most demanding DirectX11 games."