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Don't buy a PS4 this Black Friday

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Are you thinking about the Black Friday PS4 deals that will be available this year? Think again. If you've waited this long to consider purchasing the console, you should hold off for another 12 months. Why? Let us explain.

Can you believe it's been six years since the launch of the current console generation? The original PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched back in November 2013.

This generation did see the first ever mid-cycle premium additions for both consoles in the PS4 Pro (in 2016) and Xbox One X (in 2017) to offer increased power to those looking for it, but the point is you've had loads of time to buy a PlayStation 4 if you've been desperate for one.

So for those of you who have waited until now, more than half a decade after its initial release, what's another year?

Sony's next console - the PS5 - will launch towards the end of 2020. With the next generation of console gaming on the horizon, is it worth picking up a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro during Black Friday 2019, or are you better suited waiting for the new console?

Our advice is simple - wait it out.

Good things come to those who wait

The PlayStation 4 is an incredibly popular machine. A big part of that is in its software library, which is the most diverse around today. 

Between JRPGs like Persona 5, the superlative God of War, or smaller titles like the upcoming MediEvil Remake, Sony has plenty of genres covered by first and second-party studios. Thanks to smart partnerships, they’re often the place to get exclusive content in third-party titles, too.

We already know the PS5 will be backwards-compatible at least with PlayStation 4 titles, which means everything listed above will have more horsepower to harness, potentially enhancing them in ways more impressive than reductions in load times.

You only get one chance to experience God of War or Horizon: Zero Dawn for the first time, so wouldn't you prefer it to be in the best way possible?

Aside from games, there's the question of finance. We'd never define the value of a console for you, that’s entirely subjective, but it's worth noting the PS4 Pro still retails at a level that's not too far from its launch price.

You could opt for the base/slim PlayStation 4, but while the console has received updates such as the addition of High Dynamic Range in recent years, it's still essentially six year old hardware - seven by the time the PlayStation 5 launches. 

If you wait until Black Friday 2020, you may find yourself in a perfect console buying storm - you'll be able to pick up either the brand new PS5 (although not at a discount) or the PlayStation 4 which will likely see a big reduction as retailers look to offload stock of the older generation.

With 4K TVs dropping in price, it's arguably better to invest in a new screen in 2019 to ready yourself for the next generation on consoles, or the cut-price PS4 Pro you've got your eye on next year.

You can be sure there will be a huge number of Black Friday TV deals this year, so this could be the time you're upgrade your living room.

Whether you’re picking up a PS4, PS4 Pro, or waiting it out until the PS5, one thing is clear - Sony has dominated this generation, and there's no real bad time to jump in.

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