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One for the archive? Sony develops tapes with massive 185TB storage capacity

Sony's tapes hold 3,700 times more data than Blu-Ray

Sony has teamed up with IBM to develop a new type of storage tape that can hold up to 185TB of data per cartridge.

Aimed at organisations that need to storage large amounts of data, they offer around 74 times more data than regular tapes, according to Sony, and can hold 3,700 times more data than Blu-Rays.

The Japan-based company was able to achieve the feat by developing a new technique called "sputter deposition" that prevents the magnetic particles used to store data from growing beyond a certain size.

World beater

Combined with a magnetic "underlayer" of tape developed independently to minimise potential disruptions, Sony said that this allowed the new type of media to achieve the world's highest areal recording density.

Tapes are popular among businesses that need to backup and retain large amounts of data due to their comparatively lower cost compared to other formats.

They provide businesses with a x15 lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to high capacity disk drives, with power and cooling needs being 200 times less due to requiring no electricity for operation.