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Intel 510 Series SSDs go on sale

Intel 510 Series SSD
Intel 510 Series SSD

Intel is now selling the 510 Series SSD – with the latest solid state drive coming in 120GB and 250GB versions.

The latest drives bring the SATA 6Gbps interface – which delivers read speeds of an impressive 500MB and write speeds of 315Mbps.

The benefits of SSDs are becoming increasingly well publicised, with the drives providing much faster read and write times than traditional HDDs.


There is, of course, still la huge difference in price per GB of storage, with SSDs still primarily used as boot drives and either the cloud or HDDs used for mass storage.

The drives are already on sale – with a UK price of £224.54 for the 120Gb version and £426.30 for the 250GB version.

Intel has also produced a few videos showing just how much difference there is between a 10,000 RPM HDD and a SSD.