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Fresh from Blu-ray, Sony takes aim at HDDs

Not content with the deep Blu-ray notch in its techno bedpost, Sony is aiming for another conquest; this time in a league it has never before tackled - computer hard drives.

Like the patterned media (PM) method we saw a few weeks ago, Sony's magneto-optical hybrid (MOH) storage technique promises data densities of up to 1 Terabit per square inch [Subscription link]. That's far ahead of what can be squeezed onto existing hard drives and promises

1TB laptop drives

if successful.

Small can be better

Whereas PM focuses on isolating bits of data within the storage medium so they don't interfere with each other, MOH relies on making those bits small enough for that to become impossible.

Of course, not all is wine and roses - Sony says it can only write data to MOH disks at the minute, but can't actually read them. Moreover, the Tokyo firm is still flying solo on the research front, although it's sure to be scouring the classifieds soon for a hard-drive maker keen on a meaningful relationship.