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Imagination adds new 64-bit MIPS CPU to line up

Imagination Android Robot
Imagination's Android Robot

ARM and Intel now count a new 64-bit competitor, Imagination's new MIPS I6400 processor, part of the company's Warrior family, one that is based on the MIPS64 architecture that's supported by Android's forthcoming iteration, Android L.

And that third player looks promising. Imagination claims that the I6400 achieves "over 50% higher CoreMark performance" and "30% higher DMIPS" compared to "leading competitors in its class", possibly referring to ARM's Cortex-A53 or Cortex-A57.

Up to 384 cores per cluster

Expect the I6400 to be available across a wide range of frequencies. Other notable features include support for full hardware virtualization, support for four hardware threads per core (six cores per cluster, 64 clusters in all), advanced power management and 128-bit SIMD support.

MIPS introduced a new architecture called Release 6 with the new I6400 core family. It is a transparent super set that is compatible with the existing MIPS32 architecture.

General availability for the first silicon is scheduled for the end of the year with the first MIPS64 products set to reach the market early next year.