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Mod turns Eee PC into tablet PC

Turn your EeePC into a touchscreen in a few easy steps
Turn your EeePC into a touchscreen in a few easy steps

PC modification company Aeeeris has come up with an ingenious modification for 700 series Eee PCs, which transforms the netbooks into touchscreen tablets.

Although Aeeeris is only a small business, the company is making some big waves in the computing world with its low-cost modification kit.

Available for 700, 701, 701SD and 702 Eee PCs, the Aeeeris Tablet Conversion Kit has been available to buy online for a while, but the company has made the tech more desirable to non-modders by adding an Eee PC faceplate to the kit.

Saving face

The founder of Aeeeris, Tony Hoang, is a student of the University of Minnesota. He has spent the last three months perfecting the fascia, which is like a skin for the Eee Pc.

On the Eeeuser forum, Hoang explains that "the inside of Aeeeris is compartmentalised for each component: LCD, LCD controller, speakers, touchscreen controller. Each component sits flush with the faceplate. The touchscreen controller goes into the empty space located at the bottom right."

Currently, the touchscreen kit sells for $59.99 USD (approx £40), with the faceplate available separately at