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Sennheiser upgrades best-selling earbuds

Sennheiser's new CX300 II headphones
Sennheiser's new CX300 II headphones

Sennheiser has updated its best-selling range of CX300 headphones while keeping the price point the same - so welcome to the new CX300 II range.

Carrying the same features as the original CX 300 set but with a new drive unit and capsule, the upgraded IIs allow you to get louder sound while improving efficiency, meaning a better battery life for your iPod or other equally good MP3 player, available from all good high-street retailers.

Not only is the sound upgraded, but crucially colours have been added as well... if you're against the standard black, then you can get white, silver, pink or even Bordeaux red for the posher amongst us.

Pouch of power

Sennheiser has also listened to its consumers and seen there's a need for electronic neck furniture, so has also released the CXL300 II range, with a carrying pouch for an MP3 player or similar.

However, these headphones only come in black, so you'll have to really be against pockets to want them in your life.

Each set comes with a range of silicon earbuds to fit your personal lughole. The CX300 IIs will cost around £40, with the CXL set coming in around a fiver more, though no word on a release date as yet.