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Klipsch ProMedia InEars for gamers are announced

Klipsch headphones - not the gamer norm
Klipsch headphones - not the gamer norm

Audio specialists Klipsch has unveiled £90 ProMedia InEars which it claims takes its "intense sound philosophy and applying it to in-ear head phones for gaming."

The ProMedia InEars offers noise cancelling design, hands-free mic and a VOIP/Gaming adaptor.

The high-end headphones also feature patented oval ear-tips, durable tangle resistant cables and come in black with red accents.


"Primarily intended for computer gaming, the ProMediaIn-Ear headphones add a new dimension to today's highly sophisticated online entertainment," explains Klipsch.

"The single-button microphone offers crisp, clear communication for talking to enemies or collaborating with teammates during online gaming, and also makes these headphones a great solution for internet Skype calls and mobile phone usage."

The gaming headphones certainly aren't on the cheap end of the range at an RRP of £89.99, but do come with a two-year warranty and a fair whack of audio credibility.