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Yooz accounts payable
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TechRadar Verdict

Yooz allows you to automate your payment procedures using the power of AI via a simple to use interface and for an affordable price.


  • +

    Automates AP process

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    Great OCR features

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    Realistically priced


  • -

    Limited appeal for low volume AP tasks

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Yooz accounts payable is on a mission to offer the smartest, most powerful and easiest to use cloud accounts payable and purchase-to-pay (P2P) solution in the world. Which, if the website proclaiming it is accurate should be welcome news to many business owners looking for a better solution than the one they're using presently. Yooz certainly seems to deliver a refreshing variation on the accounts payable (AP) theme, which has the potential to save finance staff time and your business money thanks to its largely automated software interface.

Based in the cloud means it can be managed from anywhere too, which if you’re on the go allows you to approve invoices from any location with a connection to the web. Yooz has been well thought out and engineered, with extra touches such as the excellent OCR features that make it a notch or two above others in the AP field.


Yooz keeps things simple on the package and pricing front (Image credit: Yooz)


With efficiency at the heart of the Yooz ethos the company reckons that it can reduce invoice and payment processing costs by an average of 80%. By way of an incentive to see if that’s possible for your business Yooz offers a free trial, which lets you explore its capabilities for 15 days. You can request a demo too for an initial overview. 

Following on from that Yooz offers a Gold Edition package, which is subscription based and starts from £129. However, Yooz explains that the subscription price is based on the volume of documents processed, but it does allow an unlimited number of users. There’s four hours of complimentary service so you can get up and running with ease, while there is also the ability to cancel at anytime if Yooz doesn't turn out to be what you were after.

Yooz does appear to be available in the US but we couldn't get pricing, so presumably a quick call or email to them will enable Yooz to tailor a price for the package if you're in the States.


The great thing about Yooz is that it automates many aspects of the accounts payable process (Image credit: Yooz)


Although Yooz has been engineered to harness the power of artificial intelligence to smooth and speed up payment processes, its basic functionality for users has been kept as straightforward as possible. Regular accounts payable tasks have been streamlined to make them less labour intensive, and easier to process. Yooz lets you create purchase requests and speed up processing by automating approval workflows. 

The system will also automatically generate purchase orders and allow administrators to manage their delivery in a much more timely fashion. Accounts staff can also use the Yooz system to better manage and monitor their budgets. This cloud-based package lets you capture all of your invoices in one simpler process, be they scans, emails, mobile or EDI-based. 

From there, the AI-based data extraction process affords much faster processing of information. The automated edge of Yooz offers GL coding and PO matching, the ability to approve or reject items using smart workflows and, ultimately, prepare and release payments much more efficiently. This extends to the way that Yooz can integrate with your accounting software, and works with over 250 ERPs around the globe.


Yooz has an easy to use though fairly workmanlike dashboard area (Image credit: Yooz)


Thanks to Yooz being a cloud-based software-as-service solution there’s not too much to worry about on the dependability front. And, being based in the cloud means that Yooz works well from any location as long as you can get a connection to the internet.


Users praise the cloud-based software for its easy to implement design (Image credit: Yooz)

Ease of use

While the Yooz dashboard and general appearance don’t set the world on fire with a rather workmanlike feel, it is perfectly designed for the job in hand. Menus and other tool functions are all accessed without fuss. However, it would perhaps be beneficial to be able to customize the dashboard a little more. 

Everyone has their own requirements, so being able to personalize any software package is always a benefit. The other bonus of Yooz is that it’s possible to integrate the invoice capture and automated features with your accounting software in order to join up the admin dots in your office workflow.


Yooz comes with the benefit of a great help hub plus associated support channels (Image credit: Yooz)


You’ll find that Yooz comes with all of the usual support options, and has a dedicated online help hub to get you through many of the more obvious beginner hurdles. This area features some really useful videos and contextual help topics, which cover most aspects of the Yooz experience. On top of that there’s personalized user support along with project support too. 

That means business owners can enjoy training along with assistance during configuration. Subscribers can contact user support through the usual means, with a customer portal, email and phone options available. As a supplement to everything else, the company also offers webinar training for users where necessary.

Final verdict

Yooz has been developing nicely in the last ten years or so since its inception. Now being used by 4,000 plus customers across 33 countries, the cloud-based AP solution will make a lot of sense to all manner of businesses. Little wonder then that Yooz has won awards, and gets widely praised for its innovative stance that uses AI to make payments procedures that more efficient. 

While the dashboard aspect of the software lets you get the job done it could perhaps be a bit more inspiring. Nevertheless, there’s no disputing the overall ease of use, the simple configuration and implementation plus some excellent training that’s on offer from the Yooz team.

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