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Digitize everything from bills to invoices with Veryfi

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Veryfi makes a lot of sense if you’re looking for a straightforward solution to automating aspects of your business bookkeeping, with lots of tools for digitizing and managing your documents to better effect.


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    Perfect digitization of docs

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    Flexible packages

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    Great live demo


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    Might be too niche for smaller firms

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Veryfi is a great tool for speeding up productivity and improving efficiency because it allows you to quickly and easily digitize documents. The company actually offers a wealth of products, all aimed at boosting your workflow potential, but in the case of Veryfi’s ability to digitize documentation it proves to be a real bonus. 

What you effectively get by signing up with Veryfi is an integrated suite of data transformation products, which in simple terms means you can produce copies of everyday office admin content that includes bills, receipts, invoices and, indeed, everything else that needs to fit into the digital office environment. 

The real bonus with Veryfi is that once you have these documents into your system they can then be used across a range of other software products that your company most likely uses, including accounts packages and taxation software.


Veryfi has a couple of package options to suit both ends of the marketplace (Image credit: Veryfi)


There are numerous pricing options within the Veryfi software framework, because of its flexible range of package options. Pricing tiers cover core areas that include Expense Management, Time Tracking, Practice Management and OCR API. You can, of course, plump for a complete package that comes with many of the tools you’ll need during the course of running your business. 

Which one you select obviously depends on the size and requirements of your company. As an example, there is a Starter package, which is ideal for low volume businesses and this works out at $0.08 per receipt and $0.16 per invoice with a minimum spend/monthly commitment of $500. There’s a 14-day trial available for this if you want to see how it ticks. 

A Growth package, meanwhile, is better suited to companies with higher volumes of transactions as this one offers unlimited amounts of processing. You’ll need to get in touch with the Veryfi sales team in order to get a personalized quote for this one.


You can also supplement core features with the bookkeeping product solutions (Image credit: Veryfi)


Veryfi has developed a suite of product options that can help businesses transform their data into much better organized and more useful collections of information. To do this it has a raft of tools to automate many procedures, especially when it comes to processing things like bills, invoices and expense receipts

Looking at its wider range of solutions, Veryfi offers software and APIs designed to securely capture, extract and transform data, which can come from everyday business documents like those already mentioned, along with purchase orders, checks and W2s. 

The more specific products Veryfi specializes in are its OCR API data extraction tools, lens data capture SDK for the mobile processing of documents along with bookkeeping solutions that allow companies to track income and expenses and sync the data with the likes of QuickBooks and Xero. Veryfi products can also be used to improve time tracking, with additional integration with Gusto payroll on offer too.


The Veryfi live demo feature is great for seeing what it's capable of (Image credit: Veryfi)


One of the best things about Veryfi is that it can quickly bring about a sense of order to the chaos that might be a big part of your current administrative setup. The powerful suite of OCR API, data capture mobile SDK and associated toolkits make a huge difference to productivity. 

Everything seems to have been very well designed and engineered too, with our experience during a trial session proving to be simple, stylish and, above all, quick. Being able to get things done under pressure is a common office scenario, and we found Veryfi’s system to be easily able to cope with the demands on its features and functions.


There are various tools available on the Veryfi site that allow you to explore other features and functions (Image credit: Veryfi)

Ease of use

Although traditional bookkeeping and office administration chores are notoriously tedious and time-consuming to work through, Veryfi makes light work of many tasks. The way it can quickly and easily digitize a high volume of documents, where needed, can turn a lengthy process into something that can be done in much less time.


As you can see, Veryfi has a raft of professional business tools on offer (Image credit: Veryfi)

The way Veryfi has designed its interface means the tools on offer are very straightforward to use, with little training needed in order to get the hang of. The package easily stacks up alongside other competitors in the marketplace, thanks in the main to its easy-on-the-eyes interface and powerful toolset.


There is also a good level of support infrastructure available too (Image credit: Veryfi)


There seems to be plenty of help and assistance available for users of Veryfi products. The website alone comes with a number of resources that help both seasoned campaigners and new users alike. The resources section features a Veryfi FAQ area, which contains a searchable database of articles. 

There’s the ability for scheduling a 1:1 session if you should need to, while an Onboarding checklist allows you to pick through everything you need in order to get up and running in the first place. There are also support contact details too if you should need to get in touch with a member of staff about any aspect of Veryfi that’s not covered in the documentation.

Final verdict

Veryfi has all sorts of high quality products available, all of which can boost office productivity and automate many of the more mundane aspects of running a business. 

The expense, receipts and projects aspect of the company is perhaps one of the most interesting if you regularly have large volumes of paperwork to process. While it seems tailored to suit larger businesses, there’s also plenty here for the self-employed and small business owners too. 

Time is money, and being able to process data faster and more efficiently makes sense for any business, be it big or small. We like what we see from Veryfi and a deeper dive into its other products and services might reveal that your company could benefit from one or two of its numerous software solutions too.

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