SpotOn point of sale (POS) review

Flexible POS system for restaurants and retail

SpotOn POS review
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SpotOn POS is a great choice for businesses that want a fully customized system. It can get pricey with the add-ons, but there are exciting and creative features that make it worthwhile.


  • +

    Intuitive interface

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    Flexible solutions that suit different businesses

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    24/7 support

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    Demo available

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    No long term commitment

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    Pay monthly


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    Customizations can get expensive

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    No packaged plans

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A point of sale system, also known as a POS system, is a business must for fast, secure transactions and insight into how increase sales. The very best POS system (opens in new tab)s available today not only enable you to take customer payments, they also empower your team to manage complex transactions with ease, show you how to improve customer experience and dig into potential areas of business growth. 

More sophisticated POS systems can even help you manage your payroll, operations, and warehouse stock, reducing the need for additional software and systems.

SpotOn POS (opens in new tab) is one of the most flexible options out there, making it one of the best POS systems available for restaurants and busy retail stores. SpotOn have also helped businesses in the Health & Beauty, Automotive & Auto Repair and Plumbing industries. So, they're used to POS customisation outside the retail and restaurant businesses.

By straying away from the standardized packages that many of its competitors have, SpotOn makes it possible for businesses to mix and match the features that they need to create a fully personalized system. Stick with us as we review SpotOn POS, and look into the features and benefits of this system that’s designed with restaurants and retail businesses in mind.

SpotOn POS: Plans and pricing

SpotOn’s pricing is tailored to the size and model of each business. To get a quote, you have to contact customer support. At present, all plans are only available on a month-by-month basis, and there are no annual contracts. Like a lot of companies, SpotOn advise that when you work with them, you'll be entering into "a relationship, not a contract."

Only you can decide if you buy into that ideal. What can you buy into though, is SpotOn's flexible style of business. If your company is seasonal or a small pop-up, SpotOn point of sale presents itself a great option. As a larger business with plans of long term establishment, you may actually prefer a contract to lock-in a price for years in advance, helping you budget. 

At additional cost, SpotOn POS has multiple hardware and software options available, so businesses can choose the ones with the most suitable functionality to support their teams. Overall, we like they're approach to pricing. SpotOn are completely transparent with costings and open to reasonable custom pricing when you speak with them.

SpotOn POS free demo available

Get a free demo to see how SpotOn can be tailored to your business (Image credit: SpotOn)

Monthly price

The most basic hardware option is SpotOn Poynt, which costs $15 per month, plus the cost of the hardware and a one-time setup fee. You do quite a bit for your money: it can function as either a simple payment terminal or a full POS device, with a product catalog and the option to collect customers’ contact details for marketing purposes. You’ll have access to payment analytics too. 

Add-on prices

If you want to add on specific software services, like SpotOn Restaurant, loyalty programs, or ecommerce, you need to contact the support team for exact pricing. For example, restaurant packages start at $65 per month.

Card processing fees

As with most POS systems, you pay a processing fee on every transaction, which are dependent on the card type, listed below.

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Card processing fees
Header Cell - Column 0 Standard credit and debit cardsCorporate, International and American ExpressCustom processing rate programme
Payment processing fee %1.99%2.99%Custom pricing provided by SpotOn
Payment processing fee cost$0.20$0.20Custom pricing provided by SpotOn

SpotOn POS: Features

SpotOn POS Reserve Hero Image

(Image credit: SpotOn )

SpotOn covers all the basic features needed by restaurants and retail businesses, including sales and inventory management, analytics, and online ordering. In addition, you’ll find a range of helpful add-ons that can be included in your software package for an extra charge, such as loyalty programs and reservation platforms.

SpotOn enables businesses to set up and manage a reward scheme for loyal customers, a great way to boost customer retention. Use it to create custom rewards and easily enroll customers at checkout. Collect valuable contact details, and use these to enhance your marketing segmentation.

SpotOn continues to be an invaluable technology partner that listens well and proactively presents solutions to drive our business forward.

Kevin Youkilis

If you are a restaurant owner, you can make use of DoorDash to enhance your take-out service. SpotOn’s team works with you to set up an online menu that enables users to order take-out food directly from your website. You pay a flat fee of $4 per order, while DoorDash takes care of the delivery and logistics.

SpotOn Reserve can be tweaked to suit your business model. Besides simply enabling customers to make online reservations at your restaurant, for example, the system can help you manage your team so everyone knows which tables to serve. You can handle shift rotations and breaks with ease.

SpotOn POS full service delivery landing page

Connect with local delivery drivers to seamlessly offer take-out  (Image credit: SpotOn)

SpotOn POS: Interface and in use

The clear user interface makes SpotOn easy to use, even if you have limited experience working with a POS. Online tutorials make it simple to train new team members too, using a mix of videos and visual step-by-step instructions.

SpotOn POS system hardware

(Image credit: SpotOn)

SpotOn is easy to navigate and customize on the backend, with a clutter-free interface and menu. For customers, it's similarly easy to use when making payments or using any of the add-on features, such as online ordering or reservations. 

SpotOn POS review

SpotOn’s interface makes it simple for POS beginners to navigate (Image credit: SpotOn)

SpotOn POS: Support

Support is one of the key things that sets SpotOn apart from its competition. All customers have access to 24/7 support over the phone, through email, and on live chat. There’s also plenty of video tutorials, user guides, blogs, and case studies online to help users get the most out of the system. 

Where setup is concerned, you can either choose to use the online resources or pay an additional fee for installation and training.

SpotOn POS review

24/7 support sets SpotOn POS apart from the competition (Image credit: SpotOn)

The competition

One of SpotOn’s biggest competitors is Square POS. Although they are similar in their capabilities, Square offers a free plan, making it ideal for small businesses. However, larger businesses with high transaction volumes will need to upgrade to one of Square’s paid plans. Prices add up quickly this way, and SpotOn may be a better option.

Toast POS is another big competitor on the restaurant POS scene but comes with a high price tag. But Toast sets itself apart with its compatibility with Android devices, whereas many other POS systems are designed for use with iOS. Therefore, restaurant businesses have the option to save costs on hardware devices. SpotOn is also compatible with both Android and iOS, giving businesses even more choices.

Square POS

Square point of sale are a POS giant who are an excellent alternative to SpotOn. (Image credit: Square)

If you’re a small business with big growth plans, SpotOn may be the best option if you want your POS system to grow with you. If you’re looking at Square or Toast, it’s worth getting a quote from SpotOn to see how that compares before committing, especially if you have plans to scale beyond the capabilities of Square’s free plan.

Final verdict

SpotOn is a robust POS system that can support the needs of various businesses, beyond the restaurant and retail industries. It is especially powerful for small businesses with plans to grow, because you can easily add on features and hardware as the need arises.

Pricing can get a little steep with all the different add-on options, so it pays to be careful when getting a quote and planning the features that you need, both now and in the future. We also recommend comparing a few competitor quotes to make sure it's right for your business.

That said, while there might be other suitable options, SpotOn's ease-of-use and high-level support make it a solid choice for businesses that want something both simple and reliable. We recommend SpotOn POS if you want a completely customized solution that can scale with your business. 

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