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Snazzy AI is an innovative platform that takes the pain out of creating content for marketing.


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    Very user-friendly

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    Fine-tuned AI technology


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    No third-party integration

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Creating content that sells your brand and engages with potential customers is one of the most important marketing processes. In this Snazzy AI (opens in new tab) review, we take a deep dive into one of the best content marketing tools (opens in new tab), a next-gen platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI (opens in new tab)) to develop high-end copy in minutes.

As well as copywriting tasks for blogs and other long-form texts such as business pitches, Snazzy AI provides users with templates for social media posts, taglines, landing pages, headers, and other website-focused copy tasks. Read on to find out whether you could consolidate all of your content writing activities onto a platform like Snazzy AI. 

Snazzy AI review

Snazzy AI only offers one paid-for option (Image credit: Snazzy AI)

Plans and pricing

Snazzy AI is priced very simply. There are just two plans to choose from. The first is free; the second costs $49 per month, or $25 per month if you choose to make one annual payment of $300. 

With the free plan (opens in new tab), users can access every content template in Snazzy AI’s arsenal, but are limited to five activities a day and bare-bones support. Opt for the paid plan (opens in new tab) and you’ll benefit from unlimited content generation, advanced support with same-day responses, and early-bird access to any new features on the platform. 

Five opportunities a day to launch content marketing initiatives will probably be limiting to any companies that use content marketing as their primary lead-generation tool (opens in new tab). That said, the free plan could work for small business owners or companies with a more varied outreach strategy.

Snazzy AI review

Snazzy AI has limited but well-thought-out features (Image credit: Snazzy AI)


The Snazzy AI platform’s AI copywriting functions are powered by its own technology and an independent deep-learning language model called GPT-3. 

Although there is a lot of complex AI technology powering the recommendation engine, at the front end, the features are very user-friendly and can be easily divided into three categories: templates, tools, and saved content. 

There is a wide range of templates included on the Snazzy AI platform, including options for email outreach, pitching, product descriptions, and idea generation for blogs, landing pages (opens in new tab), headers and descriptions, features, unique selling points, Google and Facebook ads, and taglines. 

Each template automatically creates text depending on the default information you enter during the onboarding process. This information, such as keywords and company description, can be changed at any time. With each template, you have the option to customize the suggested text by clicking the Customize button. 

There are two additional tools included with the platform. The first is Snazzy AI’s Content Extender. Using this tool you can enter a single sentence or bullet point, and the technology will turn it into a more complex piece of content. You can customize the tone and length to suit your requirements.

The other tool included on the platform is the Remix option. Using this tool, you can create an endless number of versions of a single piece of content.

Saving your content may seem like a fairly basic function, and in many ways it is. However, the Snazzy AI dashboard makes it easy to locate saved items, so, provided you are signed up to the paid plan, you can create the entirety of a cross-platform content marketing drive and have all the copy you need ready for launch. 

Snazzy AI review

Snazzy AI is incredibly easy to operate (Image credit: Snazzy AI)

Interface and in use

Getting started with Snazzy AI is quick and easy. Once you enter your credentials, you’re quickly directed to the onboarding screen. Here, the Snazzy AI recommendation engine is primed. You are required to enter information regarding your company and sector and keywords that represent your brand. This information is used later down the line to create your content. 

Snazzy AI is a web app and very straightforward to navigate. We tested a number of the template options, including Sales Outreach, Google Ads, Features (for websites), and Taglines (short snippets that summarize your brand). In every circumstance, we were impressed by the results. The text was well-written, relevant, and easy to manipulate using the handy Customize feature.


In terms of support, Snazzy AI offers rather basic provisions. The paid plan promises a same-day response to queries, but free users can email in too. 

Snazzy AI review

Snazzy AI’s support facilities are basic (Image credit: Snazzy AI)

Otherwise, there is a support site hosted on the workspace platform Notion. It is a very basic support page, but all the essential information is there, and since the platform is very simple to operate, serious support requests are probably rare. 

Still, we would have liked to have seen a support site, or at least a page, hosted by Snazzy AI and not a third party. This small tweak would likely give consumers more confidence in the brand. 

Snazzy AI review

Snazzy AI includes a comprehensive privacy policy (Image credit: Snazzy AI)


Snazzy AI hosts a comprehensive privacy policy on its website. Otherwise, there are no significant security features to speak of. As the platform is a web app, it is in many ways down to the user to ensure their connection is secure.

The competition

From an AI text generation perspective, Snazzy AI’s closest competitor is probably PresenceUP (opens in new tab). Both services provide a quick solution to generating text for content marketing, but Snazzy AI, with its unlimited content creation, is probably a better value. That said, there are a wider range of plans available with PresenceUP, so users are able to scale with greater agility.

Populr (opens in new tab) is another tool that enables you to put together marketing content without a great deal of experience. Although it doesn’t offer AI-powered text generation, it does use other tools that enable you to design a landing page with ease, and, more importantly, launch a campaign and track its success, something distinctly lacking on Snazzy AI.

Final verdict

We were very impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of Snazzy AI. The ability to customize suggestions using basic parameters enhanced the output without added complexity, and the rage of templates available was impressive.

That said, it is a relatively expensive product for something that simply creates the content and doesn’t include the functionality to auto-post or any other third-party integrations. This would tie in the content creation arm with the campaign branch of content marketing and make for a more rounded product.

Still, the underlying technology is very impressive and efficient, and users that struggle with copywriting, or don’t have a team large enough to produce specialized content marketing, will find the platform very useful. 

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