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Using Procurement Express you’ll be able to enjoy faster and more efficient purchase ordering

Procurement Express
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With its intuitive interface and adaptability to suit businesses of all sizes Procurement Express removes a lot of the manual input involved with generating purchase orders.


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    Quick and easy to use

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    Syncs with accounting software

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    Generates POs from the app


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    Might be more features than you need

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Procurement Express is a great option if you're looking to cut down on administration tasks, both in the office or when you're out in the field. Its primary task is to create purchase orders, which is a regular chore that needs to be carried out by businesses of all shapes and sizes. Procurement Express is a very practical software solution as it cuts down on the amount of manual input required, much like many of the expense tracker software packages that are also available. 

A full dashboard of commonly used tools for producing purchase orders can be easily customized, with core areas such as budgets and reporting being very well represented. There’s plenty of capacity for fine-tuning Procurement Express to match your business needs too, so it should work for your company even if you’re producing relatively low levels of purchase orders. 

However, Procurement Express will really excel if your business generates high volumes of digital paperwork every month.

Procurement Express

Procurement Express keeps its pricing simple with just two package options (Image credit: Procurement Express)


You can try Procurement Express as a free trial initially, without needing to submit a credit card for the privilege. They can also give you a demo too if you get in touch with them. Once you’ve taken a look at how Procurement Express works it’s pretty straightforward to choose a package as they’ve come up with a very simple pricing structure. 

You can opt to choose an Annual Plan, which costs $30 per user per month and is billed annually. Alternatively, there’s a Monthly Plan, which costs $30 per user per month although it should be noted comes with a 10 user minimum limit.

Procurement Express

There's also a free trial available plus a demonstration option (Image credit: Procurement Express)


If you’re looking to process reasonably high volumes of purchase orders then Procurement Express starts to look like very good value. It’s been designed to cut out a lot of the repetition involved with issuing POs, including an adaptable approvals system that has been developed to reduce the workload on staff. The other big bonus with this system is that it can be easily customized to suit your businesses needs. 

So, for example, you can add or subtract custom fields in your POs, add drop-down menus and much more besides, all of which will mean that you can personalize your digital paperwork to suit the client. There’s also a great built-in reporting feature that lets business owners produce specific documentation on areas of their company, with a filtering system that allows them to be perfectly honed.

Procurement Express

The app will prove really useful for people who need to create POs on the move (Image credit: Procurement Express)


The designers at Procurement Express have done a grand job producing a package that runs very efficiently indeed. Thanks to a lean looking dashboard the controls and functionality all seem to work seamlessly. In fact, the way the software looks makes it a joy to use and it can be easily handled by less experienced users thanks to this simple setup. 

Being a browser-based package means that it’ll work nicely on all kinds of machines too, while the app does a similarly good job for anyone who needs to jump on the system while they’re out and about.

Procurement Express

Users of the app can access many of the same features as found on the browser-based dashboard (Image credit: Procurement Express)

Ease of use

This has to be one of the more intuitive purchase order packages out there, with plenty of options for adapting it to suit your requirements. For example, if you need to split costs and allocate then to different departments then Procurement Express allows you to do this. Indeed, when it comes to keeping an eye on costs then this software package is perfect for helping you with budgeting. 

Users can create specific budgets for different clients, or various departments, allowing careful management of where money is being spent. The other benefit with Procurement Express is that it can allow administrators to set various user permissions, so that the software can be adapted for use by different departments. This can help streamline workflow to the point where staff can enjoy one-click approval or rejections of purchase orders during day-to-day duties.

Procurement Express

Procurement Express comes with a very good level of support and this impressive knowledge base (Image credit: Procurement Express)


The Procurement Express operation is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland but it underlines its global appeal by offering contact numbers on a worldwide basis. That means it should be easy to get in touch with them, although equally they cover pretty much everything in their online knowledge base. 

Inside this hub there are tutorials that help you navigate every aspect of the purchase order software service. There’s also a chat/messenger-style box that’s permanently located in the corner of your web browser, which allows you to message the team if you need to contact a member of the support staff.

Procurement Express

The Procurement Express interface is a breeze to use thanks to its intuitive design (Image credit: Procurement Express)

Final verdict

Procurement Express does a fine job of getting you, and your staff, through the frequently repetitive task of creating and approving purchase orders. This is a package that works nicely no matter if you’re accessing it through a web browser or via the app if you’re out in the field. It’s got plenty of options for being customized, with any number of fields and functions that can be tweaked to suit your own individual business needs. 

Add on the ability to produce all-important reports and you’ve got a powerful but user-friendly package. Procurement Express becomes really useful if you’re generating larger volumes of purchase orders, especially if that involves sending them to multiple clients. All in all, this is well worthy of investigation.

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