Philips S-Line 243S7EHMB review

This affordable business monitor offers some unexpected features

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We liked

The price/performance combination here is pretty alluring, though this is also a very modern looking design that won’t seem out of place in any professional office space.

The screen isn’t quite as ‘borderless’ as Philips’ promotional material suggests, but with only a 5mm border to the first line of pixels on the sides and top, the overall impression is an elegant one.

The narrow border allows multiple screens to be easily aligned for those who like to extend their desktop sideways without having large borders between the panels.

The inclusion of a fully rotatable support arm in a monitor this cheap is also a major bonus, plus the VESA 100 connection allows for wall mounting.

We disliked

The fact that the LowBlue mode isn’t on by default hints that the menu system on this screen needs some tweaking. And for those who like their screens optimally configured, there is some work to do before this panel is truly ready for deployment.

A bit more contrast would have elevated this design, but it’s far from being unacceptable.

While it would be a good thing if display makers put the final nails in the VGA coffin, we fully understand why screen manufacturers continue to support this ancient technology.

Final verdict

Having seen a good many business screens where the entire product focus is price, the S-Line 243S7EHMB is a breath of fresh air.

It delivers a decent display that is appropriately sized and specified for business use, while moving up the bar in terms of eye-friendly and ergonomic features.

When you fuse this technology, styling and the competitive pricing, Phillips might well have a winning combination here.

The Philips S-Line 243S7EHMB is a timely reminder of just how far display technology has come in the past few years, and what great equipment businesses now have at their disposal.

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